Intimate Wine Tours

We offer the opportunity for you to purchase a gourmet picnic lunch. As you arrive with your wine tour professional, your picnic lunch will be waiting in a private, exclusive location. Our award winning catered lunch is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for large groups. The elegant picnic lunch is a luxurious convenience that will truly enhance your memorable wine tour experience, while preserving valuable and precious wine tasting time that could easily be impeded at a crowded deli. All picnic pricing is exclusive from our wine tour rates.

Picnics in the Wine Country

Sliced Roast Beef
Cold Roasted Rosemary Chicken
w/ condiments of mustard and mayo
Chilled Cranberry Pasta Salad
Cold Caesar Salad
Gourmet Cheeses w/ grapes and crackers
Platter of Sliced Tomatoes
Sourdough Rolls
Chocolate Truffle Brownies
Lemon Bars